Spun Ice Cream


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Catering & Ice Cream Truck

We’d be honored to be a part of your next special event! Not only does our liquid nitrogen process provide a fun, engaging show for your guests, but the flash freezing creates the freshest, creamiest ice creams.


  • Catering on-site:  $500 minimum

  • Ice cream Truck catering:  $1500 minimum

All our bases and artisan toppings are created in small batches by our in-house pastry chef. We will customize a menu of flavors, toppings and sundaes for your guests!

We’re happy to share more about the science behind our ice creams and the sourcing of each of our hand-selected ingredients. 

Thank you for considering supporting a local, sustainable-minded business.

Email catering@spunicecream.com for questions or to reserve your event.

DIY Ice Cream Parties

Our ice cream classes are a more interactive way to create and enjoy your own unique treat! Guests have the opportunity to mix their own flavors and learn how to “spin” their ice cream from scratch with liquid nitrogen while learning about science behind the process! Great for birthday parties, weddings, bachelorettes and corporate team building.


  • $50/person with a minimum of 10 people


Events & Parties We've Catered


Email catering@spunicecream.com for questions or to reserve your event.